WNH Elocity Pilot Program

Smart charging is now available to select EV drivers.

Waterloo North Hydro (WNH) has partnered with Elocity Technologies Inc. (Elocity) on the WNH Elocity Pilot Program to provide fifty local electric vehicle (EV) owners with real-time charging information, control over their charging usage, and an incentive for opting into demand response. In return, WNH will gain a better understanding of the impact EV charging has on the distribution system, allowing WNH to better plan for future improvements that will benefit EV owners across the WNH service territory.

About the pilot

Through Elocity’s Hyper-Integrated Electric Vehicle (HIEVTM) platform, participating customers will be able to monitor their EV charging demands and manage their electricity and charging habits. Participants will receive all the components of the HIEV platform, including:
  • A smart-charge controller unit (HIEVTM EVPlug) that integrates with home EV charging units
  • A mobile app (HIEVTM Mobile App) where you can view your consumption data

Qualifying for the pilot program

To qualify for the WNH Elocity Pilot Program, you must:
  • Be a residential customer of WNH
  • Own a plug-in or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (BEV or PHEV)
  • Have Wi-Fi access in close proximity and can permit the device to connect to it
  • Have permission for WNH/Elocity to install the device
  • Have a plug-in EV charger (not hard-wired)
  • Have an indoor charging station installed at your home (e.g. inside of your garage)
  • Agree to the Participant Agreement

Have any additional questions or concerns relating to  qualifying for the pilot? Please contact elocity@wnhydro.com.

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