Connected EV Spaces

Our connected HIEV EV charging solution is useful for properties with indoor and outdoor parking, including multi-unit residential buildings, common areas, workplaces, and shopping malls. 

Elocity’s technology allows more EVs to charge through power sharing and space reservations.


HIEV for Multi-Unit Residential New Construction

For multi-unit residential developers, Elocity’s unique technology allows management of the building’s energy capacity while keeping costs down for potential tenants. Our managed HIEV EV charging solution enables multi-car parking, and is a solution for for the following projects:

– Multi-Unit Residential & Condo
– Commercial
– Affordable Housing
– Healthcare Education

HIEV for Retrofitting of Existing Building Stock

Elocity’s managed EV charging solution will allow you retrofit any building to prepare for the electric vehicle revolution.

The HIEV Suite will allow you to outfit the EV charging spots that your development needs in a simple and cost-effective manner.

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