Connected EV Spaces

Our connected EV charging solution is useful for multi-parking spaces, including multi-unit residential buildings, work places, shopping malls, and more. Our technology allows more EVs to charge through power sharing and space reservations.


HIEV for Multi-Unit Residentials

Our HIEV connected spaces solution is purpose built for progressive property developers who want to offer their customers EV-ready properties or EV-ready parking spaces, and want to give EV drivers experience of shop and charge. Our technology enables multi car parking and is a solution for:

  • Multi-Unit residentials
  • Businesses
  • Workplaces
  • Smart Communities

HIEV for Fleet Operators

HIEV technology empowers fleet operators who are electrifying their fleet to better manage cost-effective and reliable charging. HIEV has an integrated suite to digitally transform the experience of transitioning to electric mobility for fleet operators. Elocity offers:

  • Managing the EV Chargers as an asset
  • Load balancing to reduce the grid charges and increase the reliability
  • Invoicing, billing and settlements
  • Tracking the energy expenses and optimisation algorithms to reduce the cost of charging
  • Maintenance scheduling and planning
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