Connected EVs for Utilities

Elocity’s technology empowers electric utilities to smoothly transition to transportation electrification. We offer digital solutions for electric utilities to engage EV owners in grid-supportive managed charging.
Our interoperable IoT technology, including our cloud and mobile applications is an end-to-end solution. Elocity reduces the cost of network management and infrastructure upgrades, while increasing grid reliability and quality for mid to high EV adoption scenarios.


Get Connected

Elocity brings interoperability and unified controls directly to electric utilities. HIEV’s privacy preservation framework and customer engagement tools substantially EV drivers’ participation in managed charging programs.

Interoperable IoT EV Charging Solution for Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

AI-Based Network Planning, Demand Forecasting and Integrated Demand Response

Customer Engagement for Grid-Supportive EV Charging for Savings and Rewards

Developed by Elocity in collaboration with leading electric utilities, our HIEV Suite offers superior managed EV charging benefits:

  • Ability to work with any make and model of EV charging hardware
  • Real-time data and direct controls for managed charging
  • Integration of managed charging with electric utility back office systems, including meter data management, billing, CRM, and network operations management
  • EV charging demand forecasting, prediction and control strategies to reduce load stress on micro- and macro-grids
  • Integrated demand response using the Open Automated Demand Response (OADR) and EV roaming using Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI)
  • Privacy preservation using the Green Button Framework
  • Rewards and incentives for grid-supportive charging behaviour through integrated customer mobile application

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