Optimizing a Connected EV World

Elocity is driving the future of e-mobility and clean energy by empowering utilities, and EV charging service providers, and multi-unit building owners with digital AI and blockchain-powered electricity grid-balancing solutions.

Elocity has purpose-built our IoT and AI-based digital platform, HIEV®, to smartly manage the EV charging ecosystem and ensure sustainable and reliable electrical grid infrastructure.

HIEV is purpose-built to connect EV owners with
electric utilities, cities, and businesses

Customer-centric and grid-supportive managed EV charging​ programs

Connected EV charging networks for charge point manufacturers and operators​


Hardware-agnostic technology for multi-unit buildings and public parking spaces


Elocity’s Interoperable Technology Seamlessly Connects EV Chargers with Drivers and Enterprises

HIEV – Mobile

Connected App for EV Drivers for Easy Control and Communication


Smart IoT Technology for Seamless Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

HIEV – Cloud

Integrated Demand Management, Load Balancing, and Network Management

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