Optimizing a Connected
EV World

Elocity™ is driving the future of e-mobility and clean energy by empowering utilitiesEV charging service providers, and multi-unit building owners with digital AI and blockchain-powered electricity grid-balancing solutions.

Elocity has purpose-built its IoT and AI-based digital platform, HIEVTM, to smartly manage the EV charging ecosystem and ensure sustainable and reliable electrical grid infrastructure.

HIEV is purpose-built to connect EV owners
with electric utilities, cities, and businesses

Connected Utilities

Customer-centric and grid-supportive managed EV charging​ programs

Charge Point Operators

Connected EV charging networks for charge point manufacturers and operators 

Hardware-agnostic technology for multi-unit buildings and public parking spaces 

Elocity’s Interoperable Technology Seamlessly
Connects EV Chargers with Drivers and Enterprises

Connected App for EV Drivers for Easy Control and Communication

Smart IoT Technology for Seamless Vehicle-to-Grid Integration

Integrated Demand Management, Load Balancing, and Network Management

Our Partners

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