Elocity – a global EV charging technology company appoints cleantech industry specialist Paul Frith, Vice President of Sales for North America

Toronto, Canada, May 19, 2021 – Canadian-based EV charging technology company Elocity has appointed Paul Frith as Vice President of Sales for North America. Well known for his success in accelerating clean energy technology adoption, Mr. Frith will lead North American sales and further develop Elocity as the market-leading Electric Vehicle (EV) charging demand management technology provider.

Mr. Frith brings over 20 years of experience with leading electric utilities, builders, and property developers across Canada and the USA. His expertise was celebrated by the Canada Green Building Council, naming him as national “Chapter Volunteer Leader of the Year” in 2020.

“Mr. Frith will be advancing Elocity’s vision of accelerated EV usage and rapid adoption of our smart HIEV charging technology in urban environments. His thought leadership will be an asset to owners and residents of multi-unit buildings and the electricity utilities seeking city focused EV charging solutions,” stated Elocity Founder and CEO Sanjeev Singh.

The firm’s Chair Don. Huff concluded, “Elocity’s technology is experiencing rapid world-wide acceptance and adoption. Elocity is pleased to have recruited  Mr. Frith to lead our sales initiatives in Canada and the United States. Current and future clients will benefit greatly from his insights and proven track record of delivering value to customers.”

For additional information please contact: Don Huff, Chair of Elocity Tech Board Cell: (416) 805 7720, Email: donhuff@elocity.com

About Elocity

Elocity is a Cleantech company headquartered in Toronto, our global footprint currently spans four continents. Elocity is driving the future of e-mobility and clean energy by empowering utilities and EV charging service providers and multi-unit building owners and managers with SaaS, AI and blockchain powered electricity grid-balancing solutions.

Our HIEV technology gives customers advanced tools to manage and shape EV charging. This means greater reliability with lower capital costs for utilities, charge point operators and multi-residential and office building owners.

Elocity offers end-to-end and customized EV charging management via our HIEV platform. Elocity customers gain deeper visibility into EV charging consumption, usage pattern and the data to best manage EV load flexibility opportunities and to plan the electric grid of the future.

Elocity is committed to the e-mobility revolution, accelerating EV adoption levels, and every jurisdictions efforts to decarbonize transportation. For more information visit us at www.elocitytech.com.

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