Transforming Electric Utilities into Mobility Utilities

About Elocity

Elocity is a Canada based technology company in the electric vehicle space working with utilities and governments to build affordable, predictable and manageable electric vehicle infrastructure. 
Elocity team has global experts and problem solvers in the Utility sector who are focused on providing smart innovation to pave the way for electromobility in the future. 
Elocity enables utilities, public and private sector entities to successfully manage the variable demands of electric vehicle charging and its impact on infrastructure. 

EVNet™ Platform

Elocity’s EVNet™ smart charging platform is build on a secure blockchain  platform that provides utilities with load predictions, elasticity factors, and the ability to curtail or even drawback charge to support grid resilience and cost management. This removes many of the infrastructure barriers to the rapid adoption of electric vehicles and turns electric vehicle charging into a grid management tool, rather than a demand capacity problem. 
EVNet™ can connect utility’s control rooms to both public and private EV charging infrastructures across their jurisdiction bringing EV chargers onto an open, interoperable, secure and shared platform.

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