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HIEV™ Network

HIEV’s smart charging platform is built on a green button secure blockchain that provides utilities with load predictions, elasticity factors, and the ability to curtail or drawback charge to support grid resilience and cost management. The HIEV network promotes customer engagement and participation by empowering them with visibility on the direct positive impact of their good actions.

HIEV Mobile Application - Elocity
HIEV EV Plug - Elocity
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Connecting the Customer

HIEV Smart Plug

Connecting the Charger

HIEV Software

Connecting the Utility

Bee part of the HIEV™ Network

Who said that helping to save our planet couldn’t be fun.

HIEV empowers consumers with direct view of their positive impact on the environment.

Savings & Rewards

See your total C02 reductions
Earn money &  rewards
Check daily & monthly charging data
HIEV Mobile Application - Elocity
HIEV Mobile Application - Elocity

Smart Charge

Smart control for best time of day rates
Interactive 24 hour dial
Charging session summary

Easy Setup

Download the app
Find your local electric utility
Login with your utility account
HIEV Mobile Application - Elocity

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