HIEV for Utilities

The impact of electric grid failure can be catastrophic and why electric utilities must stand at the center of smarter EV charging solutions. Electric utilities are the good people that we trust to keep the lights on. HIEV gives utilities the tools they to plan ahead to meet the growing challenges of EV charging and to provide smarter EV charging solutions.

Utilities have poor EV charging visibility

By as early as 2035, there will be 20 times more EVs in our neighborhoods. With each EV adding about 30% to household electricity usage, they will have a significant impact on the grid infrastructure. Grid failure is more likely with older infrastructure that may also coincide with older and more affluent neighborhoods that are adopting EV usage faster. HIEV smart plugs can be immediately deployed to those areas most vulnerable to give utilities clear visibility and control over EV charging.
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Bird’s HIEV view

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With EV adoption accelerating, it’s imperative for electric utilities to have specific visibility of EV charging, HIEV shows them where it’s happening and how fast it’s growing and provides interoperable systems and controls to work with customers to make sure that the lights stay on. HIEV gives the utility a complete picture of EV charging and instantly alerts where actions need to be taken.

Bright future for Utilities

For a well prepared utility, EV charging and EV related services represent a massive opportunity. By 2035, U.S spending on EV charging will reach $0.5 billion daily which will be more than 30% of all electricity used. By 2040, U.S demand management is projected to be $100 billion annually and EV related services are projected to be $250 billion. The HIEV platform is designed to give utilities the data and customer engagement tools to maximize these new opportunities.
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