Smarter EV Charging for All

The electrication of transportation is accelerating rapidly. The combined forces of saving our planet and saving money are an unstoppable duo. If you want to discuss enterprise solutions for your products or services to connect to the HIEV network please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you. Our goal is to create smarter EV charging for all.

HIEV for Charge Point Makers

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Do you make a really great EV charger? Your great charger belongs on the HIEV network where EV drivers can get the most out of your charger. We’d like to speak with you about our enterprise solutions for home and public chargers because the only thing better than your great charger is your great charger on the HIEV network.

HIEV for EV Makers

If you are an automaker, then chances are that you are either already an EV maker or you will be soon because more and more consumers want to electrify their rides. We’d like to speak with you about our enterprise solutions for EVs on the HIEV network and all the great benefits for your customers.
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HIEV for Public Charging

Fleet EV Charging - Elocity
If you operate public EV chargers, we’d like to speak with you about our enterprise solutions for connecting your charger(s) to the HIEV network. Give your customers the best possible charging experience and maximize the efficiency of your charger(s). On the HIEV network your customers can not only easily find your charger(s) but they can also book charging appointments and more.

HIEV for Property Developers

If you are a progressive developer and want to offer your customers EV ready properties, we’d like to speak with you about how EV chargers connected to the HIEV network can have specific advantages for property developers.
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