Accelerating EV Adoption Through A Connected EV World

Customer centric end to end solutions to launch, accelerate, transform and operate EV charging systems

Ensure grid reliability and
avoid unnecessary infrastructure investment

HIEV Connected Utilities

Customer centric and grid supportive EV programs

HIEV Connected Networks

Customized solutions for charge point manufacturers and operators

HIEV Connected EV Spaces

Digital solutions for buildings and parking spaces

Connected EV Charging for Utilities

Elocity helps electric utilities to prepare and participate in the EV revolution by engaging the EV owners, enabling smart charging, and running utility-driven EV programs that ensure grid reliability and avoid unnecessary infrastructure investment.

Interoperable IoT Solution for Vehicle to Grid Integration


AI based network planning, demand forecasting and integrated demand response programs


EV owner engagement for grid supportive charging for savings and rewards


Connected EV Charging Networks

Our end-to-end EV charging network management solutions follow Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), Open Automated Demand Response (OADR) and can be connected with a majority of charging devices.


Connected EV Charging Spaces

Our shared charging solution is useful for any multi parking spaces including multi unit residential buildings, work places, shopping malls and more. Our technology allows more EVs to charge by power sharing and space reservations.

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