HIEV for EV Owners

HIEV technology empowers the consumer. The HIEV app is super easy and fun to use. It not only shows the consumer the best time of day charging but it easily smart sets to those times to help them save GHG emissions and earn lots of savings and rewards for doing so.

Saving our planet is the top proirity

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Saving money is awesome and everybody loves to do it but people aren’t just buying EVs because of the high price of gasoline or diesel but rather it’s because of the high cost to our planet to continue to burn any more fossil fuels.

Do good with HIEV

In addition to great savings and rewards the HIEV app also lets you do some good like planting trees that your utility will plant on your behalf based on your CO2 savings. Your HIEV app can also share your amazing contributions on social media and let you challenge others to do the same. You can even create teams and challenge others to some friendly competition. Nobody said that saving that planet couldn’t be fun.
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Electrify your ride & save!

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By 2035 enough U.S consumers will be driving EVs that the U.S spending on electricity will increase by $0.5 billion daily. Simultaneously, the U.S daily spending on gasoline and diesel will drop by $1 billion because of the lower cost to operate an EV than an ICE vehicle. That will create a net savings and leave $0.5 billion a day in the pockets of smart EV drivers.

Smarter EV Charging Designed for

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