HIEV for Home Charging

HIEV Access is the home charging solution to empower EV owners to optimize their EV charging. The HIEV app is powered by our AI engine and intuitive to use. It not only shows the consumer the best time of the day to charge their EV, but also smartly set those times. Based on Utilities recommendation, the users can auto set their charging time and save on utility bills. HIEV User app ensures that car battery is sufficiently charged based on usage history everyday. 

Easy Setup

Download the app

Find your local electric utility

Login with your utility account

HIEV Mobile Application - Elocity

Smart Charge

Smart control on best day rates

Interactive 24 hour dial

Charging session summary

Savings & Rewards

See your total C02 reductions

Earn money & rewards

Check daily & monthly charging data

HIEV Mobile Application - Elocity

Do Good with HIEV

In addition to great savings and rewards, with HIEV app, you can participate in green energy campaign. Your community can run programs like planting trees based on your CO2 savings. Through your HIEV app, you can share your amazing contributions on social media and be the green energy ambassador. Earn stars and get recognized on our forums and various platforms.
Nobody said that saving planet couldn’t be fun
Reduce CO2 Emission
Green Energy
Publish on Social Media
Be an Ambassador
Get Recognized
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