HIEV for Fleet Operators

If you are a fleet operator and electrifying your fleet, then we can help you manage the optimal charging of your fleet. Electrifying your fleets has many benefits such as:
  • Saving on fuel cost
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Lower carbon emission
HIEV is a tailored solution based on charging-as-a-service concept. Being on HIEV network, you can also access many level 2 chargers, which will soon be part of our growing network to charge your fleets seamlessly. 

HIEV for Charge Point Makers

Do you make a really great EV charger? Your awesome charger can be  on the HIEV charging network where EV drivers can get the most out of your charger. HIEV is built with OCPP protocols allowing all compatible EV chargers to connect to the network. We’d like to speak with you about our enterprise solutions for home and public chargers. 
Key features:
  • Hardware Independent
  • White label solution
  • Integrated billing & payment
  • Easy to locate on HIEV network 

HIEV for Multi Car Parking

If you are a progressive property developer and want to offer your customers EV-ready properties or EV-ready retail stores, and want to give EV drivers experience of shop and charge, we’d like to speak with you about how EV chargers connected to the HIEV network can have specific advantages for your business. Our solution is suitable for multi car parking and can help:
  • Apartment & Condos
  • Retail Businesses
  • Workplaces
  • Property Developers
  • Communities
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