We need the help of good people to be HIEV ambassadors in local communities to reach out to all groups that can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  We are focused on the electrification of transportation and the HIEV network will make it easier for people to adopt EVs faster.
Help drive your local economy 
The average gas vehicle is burning $2500 per year. A smaller city of just 500,000 people typically has about 400,000 vehicles so it’s sending over $1 Billion out of the local economy to import that fuel. The average EV uses about $500 in electricity. That’s an immediate savings of $2000 per vehicle that can stay in the local economy. Additionally, there is a good chance that your city has sun in the sky and wind in the air so that electric power can be generated locally. Groups in your community that could help include local electric utilities, local government, local car dealerships, local EV associations, local shops and restaurants, local public EV charging operators and local developers that can build EV ready properties. 
Apply to be a HIEV ambassador.
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