The future of energy will be electric, decentralized and digital. The future of mobility will be autonomous, shared and electric. The rise of EVs could create $3 billion to $10 billion of new value for the average Utility. By 2025 In USA alone, $12.5 billions in oil displacement and $7.0 billion additional sale of Electricity. The rise of EVs is part of a broader shift toward electricity as the fuel of choice for mobility.

How Utilities benefit from EVNET?

● Using Elocity’s EVNET TM platform to support a long-term strategic business model for partners, specifically electric utilities with electric mobility platform that can be integrated with their existing operations and information technology systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, demand response, grid balancing and billing systems.

● Removing barriers to the rapid adoption of electric mobility by enabling collaboration and shared assets to reduce the investment needs in network development and unlock the value for all the stakeholders.

● Customized Green Button data platform ( to enable an open, interoperable, secure and shared platform to respond to the need for an interoperable and open electric mobility network infrastructure.

● Connect both public and private EV charging infrastructures across any jurisdiction by enabling drivers to charge their EVs anywhere with a blockchain digital wallet and offer their own EV chargers to others with a tariff of their choice.

● Actively engage customers by providing, purchasing, installation and maintenance services for electric mobility (hardware) assets such as EV chargers.

Why Utilities need to plan for the future?

Crucial to the success of the electro-mobility market is ensuring key stakeholders such as electrical utilities stakeholders remain profitable and the services supplied sustainable. An orderly evolution of the electricity utility sector into the electro mobility marketplace is crucial for their continued relevance and stable growth of both the mobility and electrical side. The future growth in mobility market will come from electric mobility; consequently, a big part of the future revenue for electric utilities can come from electric mobility related consumption of it properly managed.